Thursday, 7 January 2010

Crappy new year?

Sorry, I don't mean to dampen your happy new year's spirits, I was (as always) extremely happy about entering a new year, and especially 2010, after a fantastic decade like the Noughties. However, ever since Vodafone, on the second to last day of the year, decided to cut off my broadband (and most of Accra's it seems), I kind of lost my positive attitude (I'm on iBurst now, my ever 'reliable' substitute). I wasn't able to post my roundup of 2009, which even included a challenge for Yngvild. I couldn't give you a detailed account of my very typically Ghanaian New Year's Eve (see Kajsa's blog for a hint of what it involved).

And already a week into the new year, I haven't posted my New year's resolutions yet. Hm, could that be the reason why I'm already failing? Hey, the year is young, the still lots of time for me to redeem myself! Don't worry, after a bit of rest, and assuming iBurst doesn't fail me, I shall put my resolutions in print and hopefully fulfil them.

Happy New Decade!


Yngvild said...

I hope you are gonna post your challenge to Yngvild as well, cos now I'm really curious + I need a kick in the butt to start the new blog year!

Anonymous said...
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JuaNita said...

oooh chinese..*mental note*: learn mandarin quickly

Hehe Maya I wanted to title crappy new year for my first post, but you bad luck in the new year!
I've thrown most of my resolutions away..its not worth it..besides iIve got 20 kids to look after(pun intended) and more resolutions? I might as well write my will.... :-P

Maya Mame said...

Yngvild, I think I'll have to email you the post with the challenge at the end, but it's almost too late now... Will try to think of something inspiring...

Maya Mame said...

Ha ha, happy new year JuaNita! I see you're about as positive as I am about 2010. It's true though, what's the point of resolutions that will make us feel as underachievers all year? Use my usual resolution: to have more fun than I did in the previous year (it always works!).


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