Monday, 3 May 2010


I was going to write about the lovely long weekend and all the things I could have done but chose not to do. Then I was going to entertain you with the drama of my latest househelp who left yesterday. But all that will have to wait because this evening a friend informed me that someone's gotten into my email and is sending the most random mail! I tried to login, but can't access it myself, clearly the password has been changed. Quickly I sought to protect my other email accounts (and of course this blog!) by changing their passwords before I lose them too.

Now I just hope there's someway of getting back into my hotmail account sooner or later, because after fifteen years together, I am kind of emotionally attached to my first ever email account with that funny username that I always have to explain to people. Also, I am really not ready to lose so many wonderful emails that have been sent to me by dear friends over the years, so please if you have any tips on how I can re-access my account, let me know.

All this has worsened the headache I've had today, I think I'm best off going straight to bed. I feel violated.


yomitunde said...

hey. send an email to hotmail and they will respond with a solution to ur predicament

Anonymous said...

Tråkigt att höra! Jag hae ett mejl i min inbox men öppnade det inte efter att ha läst vad du skrev på "fejan" (som de säger här i Sverige).
Jag tänker på er och ska skriva en update snart ;)

Maya Mame said...

Thanks yomitunde!
I'll do that right away.

Yngvild said...

faen. that sucks. I hope hotmail will help you! Is it only me, or have you had your share of computer bad luck?

Maya Mame said...

Ja! Längtar efter att höra hur du har det. Nu ska jag jobba på att få tillbaks mitt hotmailkonto. wish me luck!

Maya Mame said...

It's true Yngvild! For the past six months it's been bad connections, slow laptops, crashing laptops and now this. I'm looking for a scape goat and choose to blame Acer. Never had this problem when I had a Toshiba. :(

Mac-Jordan - AccraConscious said...

Sorry for your lost but the best practice when it comes to privacy online is to change your password once every 12weeks. This way, no intruder/hacker can have access.

Maya Mame said...

Good advice Mac Jordan, unfortunately I don't think I'd remember the password myself if I change it that often, but I know, I ought to do that. Promise to try!


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