Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hey Vodafone, what's my number?

A few weeks ago, I was dialling my good old friend (well, if you see my phone bill that's what you'd think) ECG when I was informed that instead of dialling 021-611611 I ought to dial 0302-611611. Until then I hadn't heard about the fact that Vodafone was in the process of changing all local dialling codes, apparently to conform with international standards, despite the fact that they claim to have advertised it.

Why am I suddenly thinking of this? Well, this is the eve of the Vodafone-020-whatever party, which I am reminded of every second by a certain facebook friend/event organiser who keeps bombarding the news feed with updates on the party.

Rather than feel "oh, I wish I could make it to the party", my thoughts are wandering off to the impact of this number change. (If you haven't heard yet, Accra's dial code is now 030-2 and Tema's is 030-3 instead of the old 021 and 022 respectively, and it seems every code in Ghana has changed except Takoradi's(well, from 031 to 031-20). Here's the full list of new numbers). Imagine all the million business cards, websites, office stationery, adverts, company-branded vehicles, etc, etc that will have to be changed now that these numbers have been introduced! From what I hear (not confirmed by any authority) this number change is taking place over a three month period! I would have expected at least a year-long transition, especially considering the abovementioned expenses and the time it may take to pass on this news to personal and corporate relations abroad.

So, my dear Vodafone, I'm seeing right through your 30/30 promotion and fancy party and instead worry more about the enormous cost to Ghanaian businesses if (this is Gh after all) they decide to refresh their contact information.

What's your take on this?


Raine said...

Wait wait wait wait, WHAT?!?! Why is this being kept as a secret? This is going to take me a while to remember :(

Selene said...

Just found this blog and did read maybe half of it, will continue later ;). Can I ask something personal, you're from Sweden but are you black yourself? How did you decide to go to ghana? I might come to Ghana for a holiday, as my partner is from Ghana and I'd like to meet his family and relatives and see what is life there like.. Am from Finland myself. We're living in London at the moment. Have to say that I really love those colorful African cloths and wud love to have some for myself, but I don't know what my bf wud think about that or other blacks, if white person wears them. Do you have any ideas? Not maybe in London, but when I come there :) Regards,

Yngvild said...

Ghana'ooohh... I miss your craziness! :) Good luck with the number change! "There's no change in value, the value is the saaaame.."

Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

I was wondering of the effects myself when I heard it a little over 3 months ago. The obvious thing is, Voodoofone never thought of the cost it will bring to business and individuals (cards and so on, but i think it's nothing in this direction). I don't see how the number change will cost great problems. Just inconveniences though.

Maya Mame said...

Raine: Exactly! Why has this been so hushed? And couldn't they have chosen a catchier number for the capital, at least maybe 0303 for Accra instead of Tema?

Selene: Glad you're enjoying my blog! I am black, both my parents are Ghanaian, I was just born and raised in Sweden.
As for the clothes question, I think you'd be better received wearing them here in Ghana than in London, but it all depends on what your boyfriend and those around you think. Ask your boyfriend, maybe he'd love it! A good way of blending it in would be an african top with jeans.

Yngvild: Lol, now 'the value is the same' tune is stuck in my head!

Nana Yaw: Yeah let's hope it'll only cause inconveniences. I'm just glad I procrastinated as usual with the printing of my own business cards!

Andy said...

Hello Maya.. Your Blog saved me 400 dollars on my car thats just by the way. I was born and raised in Ghana but now working for a major wireless company in the US and our customers were having difficulties dialing the motherland.. But thanks to your Blog, i think i have solved their problems... I must admit the new dialing pattern is somewhat confusing and on top of it all dialing from International, you need to play with what numbers to leave out. Just like the 021 or 022 codes, when dialing 0303 or 0202 from international, you need to drop the 0.. so its now 011233303XXXXXX for tema and 011233302XXXXXX for accra. Hope this helps anyone dialing from abroad.. i have faith Ghana will survive this one :)
Thanks again!

Maya Mame said...

Wow Andy, so glad I could help you help your customers AND save you $400!

And thanks for clarifying the international dialling issue.

Would love to hear how I saved you money as I could do with saving some money mysef, lol!

Jorge said...

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