Thursday, 6 May 2010

Tired, sweet and salty

This whole week I've been extremely tired (as in lose-my-balance-and-almost-fall-over tired) and have had a pressure headache for the past 6 (!) days. Is it because of the change of season? If it means more rain and cooler temperatures, I swear, I'll happily walk around with this headache!

Of course, my fatigue wasn't helped by the fact that I went to see Date Night at Silverbird Cinemas yesterday (their movie times are not 'mummy friendly'), but I don't regret it one bit. Don't remember the last time I laughed so much and I enjoyed my mixed (sweet & salty) popcorn even more than I usually do, so it was worth it.

Today I was reminded of two things I really enjoy:
Whilst doing some business rounds, I went inside African Regent for the first time in ages. Suddenly all my great memories of sitting in there a few times a week with Ruby West who worked round the corner at the time, came back. It is still such a cosy environment with great interior, I may have to start hanging out there again.

Also, a blog I'm loving is Ghana Rising. For many reasons I don't manage to read it very often, but whenever I do I find interesting pieces on there, like now, loads of fantastic pictures capturing Ghana's history. Otherwise, the blogger, Paulina, usually features Ghanaians who are making their mark on the world. What a great initiative, and a great way for the rest of us, Ghanaians, Ghana lovers or other interested parties, to find out up this talented persons. Have a peek yourself!

With that, I bid you goodnight!

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