Friday, 19 September 2008

Food for thought

The whole morning I've been longing for, no, obsessing about a Swedish breakfast. Not the quick on-my-way-to-work yoghurt and sandwich, but a full on summer holiday style breakfast. Googled a few images, as if to try and satisfy myself (it didn't) but it reminded me of what I already knew I was missing. (Picture stolen randomly from this blog)

Of course, the picture only gives an idea of a sample breakfast. Mine would have O'boy rather than coffee
, there would of course be boiled egg on knäckebröd with Kalles Kaviar
(then again I have loads of Kalles Kaviar here so I don't miss that too much), the cheese would be Herrgårdsost
or Prästost, the margarine Lätt o Lagom
rather than Lätta and of course there would be fil there as well, possibly a bowl with frozen blueberries sprinkled in it.

All this reminiscing made me not enjoy my would-be delicious brunch of sliced avocado, tomatoes, boiled egg, tuna mix and crackers.

Anyway, it won't be long now before I finally get to enjoy such a breakfast again!


Yngvild said...

you are killing meee....

Maya said...

Sorry oh! I know, I get a bit hungry every time I see the pictures! Going to Sweden later in the week, hope to stock up on lots of yummy yummy stuff. Maybe we'll have a Scandinavian breakfast in Tema when I get back?

Yngvild said...

i sure as .... wouldnt mind :)


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