Thursday, 4 September 2008


The pressure is mounting, at work and privately. It will all hopefully have a happy ending by the end of the month (a whole 26 days away!). On top of it all, I've gotten a mild cold/flu (fever, stay away, I really don't have time for you now!) and after a very active night I can conclude that my body is unable to digest palm oil in a pleasant way. At first I though it was the spinach that caused me a sleepless night, because I know of people who've had allergic reactions to the Ghanaian spinach leaves. But I always eat spinach without problems when my dear mama has cooked it.

Then I remembered a Saturday morning two years ago when I had a rendezvous with my lunch of kontomire (spinach stew) and plantain from the previous day at Country my mother's sink! She wasn't pleased I can tell you. And although I haven't made it back to Country Kitchen since, I know it wasn't their fault.

It was only a few hours ago that I remembered that my mum makes a special kontomire for me, using sunflower or olive oil instead of palm oil, because I've always complained of the taste of palm oil. So I am pretty sure it was the oil that caused my problems. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? The strange thing is that I can eat abenkwan (palmnut soup) without any issues.

For now, it means the delicious kontomire will be given to others, and I can only hope that my detailed account of my bowl problems form last night, won't make your bowls turn. ;)

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