Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Life, work and socialising

Life is now: work, planning, organising, booking, accounting, meetings, strategies, more planning, organising, booking, accounting, meetings, strategies, and of course, lots and lots of driving in crazy Accra traffic. The driving means witnessing lots of 'almost' accidents and sometimes real accidents like the one at Labone Coffee Shop junction today, where it seemed a car had crashed with another car and a motorbike. Luckily, they all looked unhurt.

The stress means losing things, like the scrap piece of paper on which I wrote down a blogpost I wanted to share. The running up and down (and of course the fact that I wrote it on the back of a receipt instead of in a notebook) means that it's probably lost forever, and I have no time to try and remember what I had written. :(

Tomorrow, I'll take a break from the running around to meet some interesting, like-minded people in the early evening, then I hope to get away in time to watch the second of John Amoateng Kantara's films at the Dubois Centre around 7. The film may not be on the schedule in the link, but it is definitely being shown, due to a technical problem at the planned Monday screening. As it is about life as an 'afro-German' I think it would be of interest to any person who's grown up as an 'afro-anything' and of course even to other people too. Monday's film was definitely interesting, and apparently this one will be even more so.

The way life is at the moment, with the stresses of combining work and necessary social commitments, my head is screaming: "screw feminism, oh to be a housewife!"

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