Friday, 12 September 2008

Strange dream...

As I wait for documentary evidence of what has been keeping me busy in the past few days, can somebody please analyse this dream for me (maybe a job for Posekyere?):

I am driving through the villages between Kwabenya and Aburi.

As I get to the Kitasi junction, I join the main road recklessly, not caring that there is actually a car already on the road. Just as I am in front of Peduase Lodge, the road suddenly divides into two directions, each a three lane, autobahn style motorway. I am completely confused as to which way will take me back to Accra, so at the last second, I turn left. A few meters down the road I see some hawkers (only in Ghana could I imagine seeing hawkers on an autobahn like motorway!) and ask them for directions. They tell me I've chosen the wrong route and since there is no way to turn until you reach Togo (I vaguely remember it being Togo or somewhere equally far), I start reversing back on the shoulder, till I get back to Peduase Lodge and turn right.

All of a sudden the right route is no longer a three lane motorway, but more like a high street in a town, and today, there's a race of some kind going on. I am suddenly riding a bike instead of driving, and in front of me I see volunteers handing out snacks and drinks to those part-taking in the race, as they usually do during marathons. However, when I get closer I realise, it's not water being handed out, it's Cornetto ice cream
and OLW Cheez Doodles!
I desperately want some and start aiming for a man holding Cornetto and looking towards him. As I get close to him, I try to brake, but because my mind still thinks I'm driving, when I stretch my leg to brake, I rather ride right into him and manage to kick him at the same time with my stretched out leg.

Desperate as I am, I apologise, quickly get back on my bike and ride along, trying to catch up with the next Cornetto holder I see. I finally get my Cornetto, stand, leaning over the steering of the bike and enjoy the ice cream, my cheez doodles neatly tucked in under my arm. At this point somebody taps me on the shoulder, I turn round and my first boyfriend is standing there smiling, but I hardly recognise him as he's put on so much weight it looks like he is about to explode.

Before he manages to say anything, I wake up. I had this dream during a 20 min (!) nap earlier in the week. What does this mean???!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

It means you and your man are about to move to Togo, and become big businesspeople who produce ice cream for the whole of Africa. You will also lead a crusade for a greener earth by advocating the riding of bicycles instead of cars. And for the three-lane motorways, that's easy. Everybody knows it means you'll have 3 sets of twins!!!! :-)

Maya said...

Hahaha, Nana Yaw, I like that one. Although three sets of twins sounds like a hell of a headache!


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