Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Umoja comes to Accra

During my years in London there was one show I always wanted to see and somehow always missed. And now I hear the good news, it's coming to Ghana! That's right, Umoja - the spirit of togetherness will be showing at the National Theatre on the 29th and 30th of May at 3pm and 7pm on each day. I have only heard the most passionate reviews from those who've seen the show so I'll be doing my best to find a babysitter on the day (hm, it might be a perfect time for Em and Virgo to have some father/daughter time, don't you think?) so that I'll finally be able to see it.

So now that I've done my humanitarian duty of informing you well ahead of time, let me get back to trying to sort out my hotmail account...


Anonymous said...

I am also so excited but I was lucky enough to see the show twice in London. The power of the beautiful voices and the exuberance of the singing moved me to tears. I just hope the Ghana show is not going to price me out!

Maya Mame said...

Well the fact that you've seen it twice, Graham, and want to see it again make me even more sure of its success. I got a bit goosebumpey just reading your praise of the show, can't wait!

The prices are GHc30 for standard tickets and GHc50 for VIP. At least it's about half the price of concerts and other shows that are sometimes featured there at ridiculous amounts.

Hope to see you there!

Sankofa said...

I'm trying to convince our Vice Principal to let me take my kids to see it so I can go for free!

Maya Mame said...

Smart move Sankofa, I hope it works! Now how do I get a job where I too can create such opportunities...? :)


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