Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Back on the social scene

For the first time in ages, I had a weekend without pressure, work or travels. Friday night was spent having dinner at SQB's house then falling asleep in front of the Golden Compass. This was a nice relief after the migraine-filled day I had, thanks to the sunshine at Ala Adjetey's funeral and enhanced by the brutally loud music blasting from the funeral (or wedding?, engagement?) next door.

I had already planned with my fellow married friend that we'd go out on Saturday and enjoy ourselves whilst our husbands worked the weekend. We were meant to quickly pass by La Baselette's mother's 70th birthday party before heading to an event at the Office at 9p.m.

In usual Ghanaian standard, the evening did not turn out as planned. Instead, the 70th birthday party turned out to be a blast with a great mixture of good seventies music and hiplife, food and drinks. We stayed till after midnight, then briefly passed Monsoon ( at this point our 'entourage' consisted of about 8 of us friends of La Baselette, a Dutch/Swiss film crew here to film the elections and a Swedish/Asian couple. We headed to the Office and as usual I was right, referring to it as an overcrowded, small and cold place, but within thirty minutes of arriving the crowd had reduced to a point where we could enjoy the music and even have a bit of space to dance.

However, after the suffering rehabilitation I suffered the whole of Sunday (mostly sprawled on my bed), this although I stuck to my no-drinking-till-Christmas plan, means that I realised age, or simply the lack of going out really does take a toll on you and so it may be a while before you'll hear of me being out and about again. Then again, I'm sure there'll be enough election parties (Nov 4 and Dec 7) and maybe a teeny birthday party for myself in a few weeks time where I can sip some Halleluya wine and still enjoy a bit of socialising!

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