Thursday, 9 October 2008

That One

Yesterday, after catching the replays of the presidential debate (I have finally recovered from the fact that I stayed up til it started, fell asleep after a few minutes and woke up as soon as it was over, argh!), I spent most of the day remembering the 'that one' remark.

In my opinion, it feels like through that remark and the fact that McCain can hardly ever look Obama, sorry, that One, in the eye or even look at him, the feelings he has towards Obama go far beyond professional rivalry and rather thread onto severe personal resentment towards him. Not wanting to brand anyone a racist, after all it may be Obama's youth or the fact that he could take away McCain's last chance of becoming a president that causes the hatred, I still feel that I would not be surprised to catch McCain refer to Obama as "boy" or by any other derogatory term.

Anyhoo, the main reason for this post was not to speculate on McCain's feelings towards Obama, but rather to refer you to that One's latest website. Do check it out, it put a smile on my face. More than anything, I love to see a bad thing being turned around to something positive and I am always amazed at the American ability of commercialising EVERYTHING!

Now what's happening with our own election? I know the guys are busy on the campaign trail, but it feels like the buzz in the news and on the streets is still very much focused on the US elections. Time to get the insider info so I can hopefully get back to you with some juicy political gossip!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I have thought along the same lines as you, for the reason why McLame :) cannot look Obama in the eye. All possible reasons are reasonable, but looking at them shaking hands before the second debate,as the lights fell upon them, even with their physical aspect and aura alone, OBAMA LOOKED MUCH THE SUPERIOR MAN. Sorry, but I just had to speak the truth.

posekyere said...

Clearly to call your opponent 'that one' is significant in every way.
1. It is a sign of hopelessness.
It appears to me that MacCain is behaving like a man who is greatly displeased with the fact that the Obama train has not been derailed despite all the diabolical attempts by the McCain Team.
2. He sees Obama as the obstacle to the WhiteHouse.
A spoilt brat in the image of biblical Cain angry with Abel. By saying "that One" he is telling the whole world this is my only problem remove him so that I can get what I is mine.

3.He is baffled by the
Obama phenomenon.
He is unable to comprehend Obama. Obama has become a puzzle to him and so he calls him "that one" because that is what Obama is to him i.e that mystery man that cannot be conquered.

McCain sees himself as the loser in the face of Obama.
Obama has already won even before the election.

Maya said...

I agree with you Nana Yaw, Obama is looking more dignified and victorious.

Maya said...

Great analysis, Posekyere! And it's good to see comments from you again. I think your analysis is spot on and I agree completely with your conclusion. Looks like a win for that One!


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