Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My Wedding

Let me first give you some advice: Don't plan a wedding in Sweden when you're in a scorching hot Ghana. Why? It's easy to forget what the temperatures are like when getting towards October in the Nordic regions!

As I landed in London a week before the wedding and immediately froze my butt off from the cold, I suddenly realised how stupid it was of me to choose a strapless dress for my outdoor wedding in Gothenburg at the end of September. Anyway, being the bride, I was the last to arrive and therefore probably suffered the least.

We arrived in a sunny Gothenburg, which (surprisingly to others), as usual was milder than the harsh British autumn. On the Friday when the sun came out strong around 12.30, I smiled, knowing that my one o'clock wedding the next day would be fine, the sun would have had half an hour to warm up the place before the ceremony got going. That evening my friend K pointed out that she'd heard it would be extremely windy the next day, a fact I quickly brushed off. Did I also mention I chose one of the highest, windiest points in Gothenburg, the heights by Masthuggskyrkan (choesen for its beautiful view, not its windy nature)?

The wind turned the whole event into a torturous ceremony for those used to warmer temperatures, but all the same it was a lovely, intimate and very relaxed day with my nearest and dearest.
Windy City

The veil finally manages to escape

Cutiepie A

Then we changed into kente for that Ghanaian touch

Me and my mama

Naturally, Sunday and Monday were warm, sunny and less windy than my Saturday!


novisi said...


happy for you!

but u didn't tell after the veil manages to escape what happened...

mo babies is my advice too...i take yours!


The Author said...

2008 is turning out to be a year to remember, no? Of course, a 21st-Century woman with your rare goodness of heart (each word really meant, my friend) deserves twice as much, even. Happy marriage, Wonderful ever after!!!

Anonymous said...

Grattis :)

Maya Mame said...

Thank you Novisi,

The veil was rescued by the maid of honour!

I'm sure when any babies are on the way I'll report fully.

Maya Mame said...

Thanks for the nice words Nana Yaw. Now let's get you hitched too!

Maya Mame said...

Tack Pernilla.

Tänkte skicka ett kort mail och berätta varför jag inte svarat ditt på ett bra tag. Nu vet du varför! Kommer igång med mailen snart igen.


Denise said...

Argh - I am not sure how I missed this! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

fabulous! and as Tyra Banks would say, you looked fierce!!!!!

Congratulations again!!!

Anna said...
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