Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Buying property in Ghana?

I cannot talk about anything else until I mention the assault that my dear friend Ruby's sister suffered, being beaten by her real estate developer! It is such an important read for any person interested in buying property in Ghana as these developers are apparently notoriously known by lawyers and other professionals and yet seem to get away with whatever they do. Please read the article which states their and their company's names, to ensure you're not their next victim.

Unfortunately this merely adds to the already difficult and risky venture of attempting to buy property in Ghana, with all the land disputes, multiple sales, additional costs and litigation generally involved. (Believe me, even I have experienced some of it).


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...


Denise said...

This is almost unbelievable! Shocking actually!

Maya said...

I know! If I didn't know the person myself I'd hardly believe it.

Thread carefully when buying property...

The Evangelist said...

Hey there!

I am glad that I came across your blog!

This is just shocking! I am sorry to hear that you faced this.

I was trying to find a home to rent in Accra earlier this year and I was told NOT TO even try to locate a house while I was still in the U.S. and to wait until I arrived in Accra because there is so much fraud and illegal scams relating to real estate property!

I was told that I could give someone my money who claimed to be the owner of a house and later find that the person DID NOT own the house!

That is never occurring in the U.S. so I was shocked!

What do you feel an American should do to find housing in Accra? I have heard that some people stay with host families for several months until they know the ins-and-outs in Accra.

I am in the U.S. and will be coming to Accra in November to serve the Lord and to start a nonprofit that will address the needs of women and children in Ghana! There are MANY U.S.-based organizations in Ghana that have done so much and I know that there is more that can be done!

Thank you for this blog!

I look forward to visiting your blog again!

Your sister in Christ Jesus!

Maya said...

Hi Paul,
I'm glad you found my blog! It is difficult to get hold of property in Ghana because of the risk of fraudsters. My best advice is to deal with real estate agents or property developers once you are in Ghana, rather than dealing with private persons. If your budget allows, I'd book a hotel for the first ten days or so and spend those days actively looking. If you give me more information, I can put you in touch with my friend who is a real estate developer (of course, it'll be hard for you to know whether to trust him since you don't know me personally), so that you could meet him and discuss property once you're here, or on email beforehand. Let me know what areas, what duration, size of property and whether for rental or purchase, then I can hopefully give you some helpful information.

The Evangelist said...

Hi Maya!

Thank you!

I will contact you off-blog!

Much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

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Maya said...

Glad you liked it, African woman!

Anonymous said...

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