Friday, 17 October 2008

The heat is on

It's hot. Too damn hot. Last week I thought my few weeks abroad had made me sensitive to the heat and humidity but now there's no denying. It has begun. The steady rise in temperature that culminates in Otso Klikli, meaning that until March/April it's just going to get hotter and hotter and hotter. Even thinking of it makes me feel warm again.

The windows are closed, curtains are drawn, to prevent any rays of sunshine from bringing in extra heat and the AC is at its coolest, and still, I'm hot. I guess my mum was right, for a person born during one of the coldest Novembers in Sweden, moving to Ghana would require some adjustment. Still, I don't remember feeling this way last year, of course, then I was in my old job in that freezing office where I had to wear socks at my desk and wrap myself in a pashmina (ah, the good old days)!

Somehow the rising temperature is a lovely metaphor for these times of elections too. With two and half weeks to the American election, beads will be trickling down our faces when we hear whether history will be written or whether the Americans will disappoint the rest of the world again, and just over seven weeks from now, we'll be bathing in sweat (sorry, but it's true) as we wait to hear the fate of Ghana, by then, longing for the dry winds of Harmattan.

But for now, to do my best to distract myself from the fact that for the next six months I'll be suffering in the heat, I'm going to catch up on the latest exciting blog which I hadn't heard of until yesterday, that of one of my favourite 'commentators', Posekyere! Now I just wait for another favourite to start blogging, her life and opinions seem interesting enough to fill pages.

Sijui, that's you!


Anonymous said...

Maya you have unwittingly saved my husbands neck! :)

Yesterday we got in to a huge row over see, our little 'construction project' in Prampram has been delayed, finally it is kicking back to life and one of the projects I demanded my husband start is the landscaping and we got in to it because he says it is too hot and our mango, cocoa seedlings will die not to say the grass.....and I told him that is bollocks and he should find out which seedlings thrive in this weather because I'm sure the people in Prampram can advise and so on and so get the drift :)

I'm not backing down but at least I know he's telling the truth :)

I'm just as excited as you about the elections! Frankly I'm more excited about Akuffo Addo/Bawumia than Obama/Biden but nevertheless I'm proud of Obama because I thought his idealism was misplaced, and his candidacy was premature and he has certainly proven me wrong, and I'm even prouder of what he represents and it will be fascinating to see what kind of dialogue develops between him and his peers on the continent. I imagine the conversation during the first state visit of Akuffo Addo to the Obama WhiteHouse.....two intellectual heavyweights picking each other's brains :)

Anyway very exciting times indeed!

Maya Mame said...

Ooops, sorry Sijui, well like you suggested it's just a matter of finding out how the plants will thrive in this heat. You've reminded me that I too need to start constructing on my land in Prampram/Ningo...

Funnily enough, I never thought I'd get so interested in the politics, then again, I did marry a politico! I will try to keep too many details of my stance out of the blog, at least until after the elections. Can't wait!

In fact, we should start planning our election night parties, I hear there will be a long weekend the weekend of 7th December!

Anonymous said...

we should! Ha! I'll never forget how we stayed up till 1 a.m. in the U.S. the night of the NPP primaries huddled around our laptops listening to Joy Online's radio stream on the tally count....

Alan K.......7 hundred and something votes......and the Joy Online commentator speculating that based on the stack of votes he had observed for Nana, there was no way Alan K would catch up........then more waiting.......then thousand and ?

What fun! And then howling in to the night Kukrudu! Kukrudu!!!! while our two year old slept peacefully. My husband tells me I must now learn the Kangaroo :)

Maya Mame said...

Wow, I think you followed it more than we even did here in Ghana! And how exciting! Can't wait for that night of tension and excitement and the moment (hopefully) when we know our party has won!


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