Monday, 31 March 2008

Otso klikli

The month of March is in Ga known as "otso klikli" which basically means flaming hot, or burning like fire. My uncle taught me this as I met him and my 93 year old great aunt at the Accra mall on Friday. That day really was flaming hot (as the whole week had been), and we discussed how interesting it is that even in our forefathers' time, March must have been known as an exceptionally hot month. On that Friday afternoon, it seemed like the heat had no limit, rainy season seemed so far away. i said a silent prayer, please let the next two months of heat not be as unbearable as the last week has been.

And then today, a proper rainy season style thunder and rain storm took over Accra and Tema. I thank my churning stomach for the fact that I was comfortably at home and not driving through it. As I looked for our wellies and didn't find them, I realised how long ago it was that I ever needed them. In the end I went to the porch to create a makeshift shelter for the dogs and hens out of a table and a blanket, as they, as always when it rains, want to be close to us and hear our voices and therefore did not go to their respective kennels (can you call it a kennel for hens too? ;) )

Isn't it funny how otso klikli is already over, and so timely, at the last day of March? As we've wished for rain for so long, we can only rejoice in the short rainfall we were given and will for now ignore the fact that this rain has come two months before time, probably due to what we are doing to our Mother Earth.

It was such a wonderful idea of my uncle to take his 93 year old mother to see the mall. I can only imagine what she thought when she saw it. Let's not forget that in her time she's probably seen a lot of great shops, after all, Ghana was a great place before each coup d'etat did its best to destroy establishments. But even so, it must have been amazing for her to see our lovely new mall, that resembles no other in Ghana. She's a travelled lady and was last in Europe (Geneva) a decade ago, but there is still a sense of excitement when you see your own town developing into a modern place. It led me to think of all the magnificent and horrific things she must have experienced in her lifetime, just imagine how much we've all experienced in our own lives, and hopefully we're not even half way to the end. I hope to one day find the time to discuss and record her experiences, thoughts and stories about herself and our family, and encourage you all to make time for the elders in your family. They hold the key to undiscovered treasures locked in their minds and when their gone, unless documented, those treasures die with them.


Nana Yaw A said...
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Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Håller på att "läsa in mig" på din blogg och gillade verkligen denna blogpost - den påminner mig om när vi tog min mans mamma till köpcentrat- du beskriver känslan man får när man står bredvid så fantastiskt bra!

Hörs i helgen!

Maya said...

Tack sa mycket! Vad langt du har kommit i bloggen! Nu ska jag ocksa ta och lasa in mig i din blogg ;)


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