Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Blixtar o Dunder

We had some thunder and lightning last night. I quickly got up and pulled out all the plugs from the sockets. Last year when we had a proper thunder storm, the TV was off, but plugged in and was completely messed up after that. it has never been the same again, (bye bye TV3).

The strange thing was that last night the rain never came. I don't like that. The rain feels like the release after all that tension, it's needed to get back to normal. Like the outburst after a conflict in a relationship. The outburst, the rainfall of emotions washes away the conflict and helps us restart in a new, fresh, honest place. I hope we have some rain today, don't want to be stuck with yesterday's natural tension.

Time for Makola now, suddenly it doesn't seem like such an appealing idea, walking around in a hot, overcrowded, loud market. I'm sure the purchases will make up for it. Will try to upload evidence of any purchases but can't make any promises as free wireless tends to have its own will.

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