Monday, 17 March 2008

Running dry

For the last few weeks there is always talk of water shortage in Ghana. This evening I saw a few school boys carrying buckets of water. Suddenly I realised how incredibly lucky I am. Always thought (and rubbed it in with my Accra friends) that we in Tema are so lucky because the water problems don't affect us. but now I am realising that it must be just us, in my community that are that lucky. So far (touch wood, peppar, peppar) we really haven't noticed much. When they are about to turn off the water they give us advance notice. When we were told that the water would be cut off for one week (shock, horror!) it actually only lasted a day and a half, and that's as bad as it's ever been.
It does make me wonder what we can do to solve the problem. There is so much water being wasted everywhere. If we've been so inventive to introduce carbon crediting, surely there is some way to transfer water from where it's being wasted to where it would be so needed. In any case, how can a country like Ghana, with a coast line from border to border and inland lakes, suffer from water shortage?

It seems the song "vatten, vatten, bara vanligt vatten" would never have been sung by children here.

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