Monday, 17 March 2008

Just another manic monday

Have almost been chained to the laptop today, didn't feel like a holiday at all. Still better than working as I was sitting on my bed and basically doing what I wanted. Caught up with the Jersey doctors as well, they seem to be looking into coming to Gh.

Went for a lovely powerwalk (in true Ebba style) with my mum. Must have chosen the perfect time, not by coincidence, my mum knows these things, as it was bright outside but very cool, which is always a nice surprise in this, the hottest season of the year.

Tomorrow I'm off to Makola, also with my dear mother, going to look for some lovely colourful materials, probably in the shop i went to with K, ironic that it'd take a girl from Getinge to show me a good fabric shop in the depths of Accra. By the way, wonder if A has used the fabric for little J or is she sticking to the classic babybjorn? Answers on a postcard, please!

Back to tomorrow's plan, then need to sort out this hair (as in braid it, going to wash it in a sec), then visit little H's office, then go to big H's office prob hang out with him till it's time for squash with Ruby, after which Virgo should be done so we can meet up for a drink or dinner. Is this what the lives of ladies who lunch look like?


Lc said...

Hello from Faial Island - Azores.

Come and meet our beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic...

Leave me a comment, to keep in touch.

Anna said...

hej. jo vi har använt sjalen , men mest i början! efter 4 månader gillade hon den inte längre och då gick det bättre med babybjörnen :)


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