Tuesday, 18 March 2008


The powers that be seem to be mad at the fact I have been given free wireless. So now it's not working anymore = (
I'm on dial-up at the moment on my private laptop, so at least I have my å,ä,ö which I have missed so many times. Hopefully the wireless will be back tomorrow, coz for now I am going to spend on my phone bill wisely, i.e. checking work emails and facebooking with the lovely Mr. T who's lost his phone.



Tigger said...

hej nu gick det (fick skapa ett konto). : )
Så söta era hönor är.det där med at krydda inifrån....hihi fick mig dagens skratt när jag läste det. kram K

Nana Yaw A said...

At last, the cat is out of the bag! The lovely Mr. T, huh? There are questions seeking answers, which must be given on Tuesday. If you will resist, then have a happy (and your last) Easter :)


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