Monday, 17 March 2008

What were you up to this weekend?

The weekend has been good. Went to Linda's yesterday, discussed some really good opportunities, just need to make a few calls before we proceed. Then went to see auntie M, her son was in town, cousin D also came over and Virgo met me there, from there went to the meeting with big M! It was fine, they were so lovely, one so sweet, quiet and kind, and the other so vibrant and bubbly.

Got back to Ridge area around 8p.m., Miami said she wouldn't be able to make, spoke to Dirty and decided to postpone. Perfect for me, was so tired anyway. Ended up going with Virgo to friends' house, had dinner then crashed around 22.30 (on a saturday!)

Had such a nice long chat this morning about London times. Then i was off for business meeting with Ruby. Went really well, almost completely ready to set up now, will send out letters to the first guys tomorrow. Were feeling hungry so went to H's house for plantain fufu (there was no cassava around) and groundnut soup, yummy! Later on bright, Akinyi and H's sister joined us at the house and we spoke about anything and everything.

Didn't get home until just before 23, so exhausted but don't need to sleep yet, yay! Still, have a busy day tomorrow so, best to sleep now if I'm gonna manage it all. Can't believe I missed little H's graduation, gotta pass his office with a present tomorrow.

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