Friday, 14 March 2008


It seems I'll have to start blogging in English again not to exclude my non-swedish speaking friends. Not sure how long it will last though, sorry poet, can't make any promises. Enjoying the jazztones coming from the British Council, much better than the noise that could be heard from there an hour ago when they were hammering away.

What to do on a Friday night in Accra? Am I really going to drive straight home? Looks like it, Virgo seems busy, may pass H's office but if I do I'll just end up staying longer than I should. Actually should go home and get ready for the busy weekend. Haven't even had time to be nervous about tomorrow's most intimidating event!

Not sure about this writing in English...I immediately become aware of the fact that others read the blog, which means that the character of it will change, but maybe for the better? Only time will tell...

1 comment:

Anna said...

intimidating event? vad skulle du göra?


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