Saturday, 29 March 2008

Beach Party!

Ok, so yesterday didn't turn out as expected. Instead of night out with friends, I ended up going to Virgo's (had planned to wait there til Ruby would call). We went for dinner at Le Must in Cantonments, it was delicious, nice place as well, had never been there before. Then lounge around waiting for Ruby's call which never came, but like she said, if I really wanted to go out, i would have called her.

Today I have spent hours shopping with Ruby & Co for the party (tonight until tomorrow evening at a beach house in Prampram). Went to SoTrek, Maxmart, Evergreen, Usave, Melcom and this kiosk that sells soft drinks wholesale. Never realised preparing for a party was so much hard work! We should have gone for catering, but I guess it's too late saying that now. Ruby and I keep coming with crazily ambitious ideas, basically making everything from scratch, while A'waa and 'yo look at us like we're crazy. I'm sure it'll turn out great no matter what we do. Waiting for Dirty to get here at seven then we'll meet up with Ruby and head there. At least this time I can't forget the key like I did when A and K came to visit, coz I've left it in my car! ; )

Will report tomorrow or Monday, hopefully with pictures, but now, I have to go pack!

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