Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Thoughts before breakfast

Never ended up buying any fabric for myself, found funeral material for Ruby and potential curtain material for Virgo, but nothing for myself. The problem was that as soon as I got out of the car and felt the heat, I just wanted to get back in again. I guess this explains why I still get most of my clothes from abroad ; )

When I got home I realised I have a few materials that have not been used yet so maybe I'll just use any of these and have something made. Any suggestions?

We've finally found a yoghurt that resembles "fil", it has the perfect runny texture and sour taste of fil(I've always been a fil person, suffered all those years in London without it). Also bought some german musli. There were so many kinds, I spent a few minutes trying to interpret the ingredients of each of them, before I realised there was a sticker at the back of each with the translation in English!

Starving now so I am going to have a bowl of musli and fil, before getting ready for Linda to come over.

But before I do that I need to browse the news websites, haven't really updated myself since I went on holiday. Realised the difference between Ghana and the West. Here entertainment news is nothing and politics is eveything. Everybody from the market woman selling tomatoes, to the trotro driver and the High court judge follows what is going on in politics in Ghana and the rest of the world. Now, we most likely speak about the Liberian refugees who are demanding money before they leave Ghana, Obama vs. Hillary or Musharraf and Pakistan, etc.

But those of us who love shallow entertainment news would really suffer if we didn't have cable or the internet. How else would we find out when Tom Cruise and Katie had a baby (this featured on BBC and CNN news, but would absolutely never make its way on to GTV news), or that Brangelina are pregnant?

Do Ghanaians not have time for trivial matters or do Europeans and Americans need this escapist entertainment too much?

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The Author said...

I like the smooth-flowing texture of your writing. No sudden wild leaps or deviations from the subject. The subtle way you introduce Ghana while you speak of your day is brilliant. I would do anything to see Ghana everyday from your eyes! But then I can keep my own vista and read your blog everyday :)


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