Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Meetings, meetings, meetings.

Had no internet access yesterday, but was so busy I hardly realised. It seems work has kickstarted again even though I am still on holiday. Went for a meeting in the morning then had a few hours to work on a business plan before meeting Dirty for an early dinner, then rushing to Ruby's office before going to another meeting, and after that stopping at H's office where I sat in on a bit of their planning. but that falls under proper work. Had a breakfast meeting this morning and now I am at Virgo's office in Adabraka (or Asylum Down, I still don't know which is which) and sorting some things out before meeting Ruby for lunch where we'll structure what needs to be done.

Felt very good yesterday as I took a tiny step towards healing the environment. After my eco talks here, felt I had to do something for the environment. So I left petrol guzzling Roger at Virgo's house, got Virgo to give me a lift to Melting Moments where I was meeting Dirty, got Dirty to drop at Ruby's office in Airport, she drove us to the meeting and Virgo picked me from there. Virgo and I were meant to go to Game, which I though closed at 9p.m., turns out it closes at 7! So today we're taking no chances, after our separate lunch meetings at 1, we'll be heading straight there.

Meetings with clients in the last few days have made me realise how small Accra/Ghana is. Although it's a country of over 20 million people, so many conflicts of interest are already popping up, on a professional and personal level. Will have to see how I handle that, I guess the strictest client confidentiality is necessary, as always, but when it's on a personal level it may be hard to maintain.

Best of all about yesterday is that I (think) I have made a decision about my future employment. I like the negotiations going on though, feelig so desired, but after a while that combined with my indecisiveness was becoming too much. I just hope I have made the right decision...

Gotta to sort out some work now before meeting Ruby.

Happy birthday to Ruby and Deol today!

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