Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Another good weekend, and it's not even over yet!

On Friday, Virgo came, had lunch at my house, then we went to H's and had wild discussions with Ruby, Cois, Abena, Ronny, Akinyi and two other guys, about marriage, taking your spouse's names, adultery, why have children (based on D's blog) and other things. It was so much fun, it's amazing how differently we all think and what values we have, e.g. from the Swedish perspective my view on taking spouse's name was seen as liberal, as I believed that you can (shock horror!) even let the husband take the wife's name (H and Cois were with me on that one), others were adamant that having the same name strengthens the family unit (Virgo was quiet during the conversation, think he might be part of the opposition, lol, will have to discuss that with him). What do you think? The opinions on adultery and marriage were also eye-opening and sometimes even amusing.

Yesterday we roamed all over town, first to Sakumono, as Virgo had some business to sort out there, then all the way to (using the Beach/Teshie-Nungua road) North Kaneshie, but the shop we wanted to go to closed minutes before we got there, then we decided to go to La Palm for lunch, but once we got there, we didn't like anything on the menu (both the regular menu and African Village), so we drove to Golden Tulip where Virgo, after an hour's wait had pork chops and I had Fettucine Alfredo. By that time we were exhausted (20:00), passed Sad Ass' house for about an hour. We got some strange energy after that and decided to get some stuff for his house from Game, which of course closed at nine, not ten like I had said.

I don't know if it was all the roaming that made me so tired, but it was a real struggle, waking up and getting ready in time for church (St. Stephen's) with my mum.

This Easter has been really nice, feels like everyone around me is really just taking it easy and enjoying themselves, rather than rushing around getting chores done or taking the opportunity to go clubbing. Going to H's in an hour, Ruby will meet me there and we'll hopefully have another good night, maybe go to Ronny's house. It will be good to have something else to do whilst Virgo goes for the all important review, I hope the results are good!

Tomorrow will most likely include a trip to PramPram to show Ruby where the house is for her party next week.

Glad Pask!

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Tigger said...

Hej hur var det i Aburi? /K


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