Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, a national holiday in all(?) Christian countries. This year there hasn't been much talk about lent and Easter (at least not in my circles). Last year Dirty and I actually fasted up to 18:00 every day the two weeks preceding the Easter weekend. In an un-Christian city as London, I remember so many people giving up various things for lent, alcohol, chocolate or coffee (Starbucks did not like those people). I used to choose the easy way out and give up cigarettes (no, I am not a smoker), hard liquor or brussel sprouts!

Ghana, being as religious as it is, doesn't seem to pay much attention to Easter, or at least there is not much talk about it. It is the holiday where people, for a change, leave Accra to visit their villages, the Kwawu people being most known for doing this, returning to the beautiful Kwawu mountains. (Poet, please correct any inaccuracies or spelling mistakes).

I miss the egg-painting, yellow decorations everywhere, chocolate eggs and other commercial rubbish that still affectionately remind me of Easter in Sweden.

Today I will most likely have a very quiet and relaxed day, as Good Friday is meant to be. Virgo will probably pass by, may go for a drive somewhere. Then in the late afternoon, I will meet up with Ruby and H and go to Aburi, most likely till tomorrow. I really hope it happens, look forward to the fresh air and peaceful ambience that clears your mind for days afterwards.

Extra special Easter and birthday hugs to A and K who I hope have a wonderful day in Gothenburg with husbands and parents and the World Championships in iceskating!

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Tigger said...

Tack, vi hade en härlig dag. vi fick god mat av makarna, suschi till förrätt som D gjort och sedan lamm med god rödvinssås och potatisgratäng....marängsviss till efterrätt mums!!!


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