Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Spintex, chapatis & Pictionary.

Between Virgo watching CNN clips of Obama and Iburst just blatantly stealing, I don’t know who to blame for my absence from the blog. Well, actually I have to blame Iburst. Don’t really know what’s been happening but for the past two weeks their charges have been ridiculous (we’ve spent approximately GH¢100 on internet credit in the past ten days!) and yet connection has never been as slow, bad or inconsistent.

At least I’ve had a good weekend. Akinyi is back from a trip to India and invited us over to hers on Friday. Went with Virgo and SQB to her house in Silver Bells. As we were already tired before we got there, we decided to leave after a few hours and started saying our goodbyes at 00:30. The goodbyes developed into a discussion of politics, life and comparisons between Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia which led to us continuing the discussion out on the street by the cars until 3:30! Good night indeed!

The next day started with some TV shopping with my mother at the Mall, where I also met M2B, now known as Mother Superior. Got back and enjoyed a delicious lunch (modestly prepared by myself) of chapati (Akinyi’s) and creamy paneer and peas sauce. Then Virgo kindly dropped me at East Legon where I was picked by big H, Akinyi, the BBC man and Naija boy and we headed to Aburi for a day of crisp air, calm scenery and fresh fruits!

Back in Accra, had another dinner at Akinyi’s, then as friends dropped in we set up a game of Pictionary, where team moi & Ruby kicked ass!!! It is these things I love about life in Accra, when a group of seemingly high-flying adults sit down and chill with a game of Pictionary. Ah, the simple life!

Also, don’t miss the newest spot in town which officially opens tomorrow, but had its grand opening yesterday: Sweetie’s, a huge beautiful bar with a live band and lots of cozy corners, located in East Airport/Airport Hills on the way to Lister Hospital. I think it’s great that the Spintex Road inhabitants are finally getting their own places to hang out (e.g. La Galette and the Chinese Restaurant in the complex opposite Papaye) so that they can stay on their side of town and hopefully stop choking the tiny roundabout at Tetteh Quarshie!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Mmmm, your life is yummy. About the new place, I presume, then, that you won't be going to see it, since you will be leaving your side of town for mine. Don't want you bringing your traffic jam to us. ;)

Maya said...

Yeah, definitely not! Only on a Sunday could I head in that direction. You should try it out some time. Take a lurvely lady with you!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Ordinarily I would mind my own beeswax. But who am I to say no to you? I'm taking one lurvely lady to ... I do not really like that name though.

The Evangelist said...


I appreciate all that I learn at your blog about life in Ghana!


Maya said...

Yeah, the name doesn't really go with the atmosphere either, but do take her there and enjoy!

Maya said...

Hi Paul,
Glad to be of service! I just hope I'm giving a fair view of Ghana so you'll have no shocks when you move down.


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