Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lights Out!

No, I am not bed-ridden as a result of my candy overdose, I just haven't blogged for various reasons.

It started with me focusing on work and, erm, social commitments. Then somebody ( I won't mention any names, as all fingers point at me, myself and I!) forgot to put credit on our prepaid electricity card, which ran out...on Saturday, early evening. After our only re-chargeable lamp, which the same somebody has been using as a beside lamp since somebody dropped and broke the original bedside lamp (damn, I hate not having anyone to blame!), died out after 40 minutes, I had to force myself to try and sleep as there was nothing else to do and I was too hot to even consider lighting candles.

Since Virgo had appointments all of Sunday and knowing we could only load the electricity card on Monday morning, I escaped to my dear Tema, land of constantly flowing water and electricity (well in my community anyway), prepared with my laptop, rechargeable lamp, mobile phone charger, etc. After basking in the glow from the TV, the wind from the fan, the sound of the microwave, I tell you, it's amazing what 12 hours without electricity can do to you, my joy suddenly came to a halt when: LIGHTS OUT!

My mum claims I brought bad luck with me, to my objections that "lights out is not contagious!", although even I was surprised as Community 10 has a good track record usually. Still managed to have a lovely day of reading, napping and a long walk in Community 10, 11 and 6 before heading to the Mall to watch Yes Man with Virgo. We had both decided to stay away from our dark home as long as possible.

Monday morning, I rushed to charge the ECG (Electricity Corporation of Ghana) card, blasted the AC, turned on the laptop, and the TV, but after an hour it was all taken away from me again, lights out! This seemed to mess up the internet (or was it just Broadband4u misbehaving?) a bit as well as it was slow and disfunctional all day.

Anyway, making a very short story really, really long, what I wanted to say was, lights out and internet problems are the reasons I haven't blogged for almost a week, but now I am actually beginning to enjoy it. Most bloggers took a break over Christmas and elections, I didn't, but I think the break may be necessary to enable us come back with fresh minds and more stories to tell. So I may be away for a few more days. In the meantime take the opportunity to go see Australia, it is such a beautiful movie and a must for any Baz Luhrman fan (think Moulin Rouge).

Peace out!


Yngvild said...

Tema - land of constant flowing water and electricity??? I think I have lived in a different Tema than you... Wont forget the 5 days without water..

Maya said...

So true Yngvild!

Community 6, 10, 11 and 12 seem to be some sort of la-la land compared to the rest of Tema,just realised that. Apart from load shedding we NEVER had more than about 20mins light off per week and our water was never cut off for the past three years...except those 5 days, 17-22 Dec, 2006, and 5 days without water is definitely something I'll never forget either!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Puts many things we take for granted in perspective, huh? Welcome back, then.

Adaeze said...

Wow. I wish it was that good in Nigeria! There never seems to be light anywhere there. Only sometimes. Even in Abuja, the capital, Sheraton Hotel runs on a big building of generators..

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Wow, we take so many things for granted here in Europe - good to read about these events which help put things into perspective..:)

Sijui said...

Happy New Year, Maya!!! I trust that you and the family are doing well and enjoying the excitements and suspense of the New Year so far!! :)

I just got back from Accra myself, wonderful but bittersweet to be leaving my family so soon once again. In Dansoman we had a temporary water shortage due to the feverish and indiscrimate construction that is going on just about everywhere in Accra......apparently a burst water pipe or something :) Anyway it was good to be in the country during the inauguration of the new president.

God speed to him, I think things can only look bright for us now irrespective of my hope for a different outcome :)
P.S. Maya do you know of anywhere in Accra where you can buy fresh milk? I know there is the fresh ultra heat treated variety from South Africa or wherever that you can get at Shoprite etc but I thought Fanmilk used to sell fresh milk by the half gallon?

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Happy New Year, Maya! May all your dreams come to pass!

Incidentally, lucky for some to be able to escape to Tema, dontcha think?;-D

Maya said...

I know Nana Yaw, it's so easy to get used to comforts and get completely shocked when they are taken away.

Maya said...

I jeard abou Nigeria (I am yet to visit though). I guess in comparison, I have very little to complain about...

Maya said...

Here, there...
It is definitely a different situation, but you'd be amazed at how quickly you get used to it. I guess human beings easily adapt to any situation

Maya said...

Great to hear from you, Sijui!

Hm, I've heard that 'burst water pipe' excuse from friends in Teshie, Achimota and La, are we sure that's not just an excuse?

The year is certainly looking exciting, it will be interesting to see how both Mills and Obama fare.

As for fresh milk, I am going to research it, as I myself am an avid milk drinker and getting very tired of the taste of UHT milk. Will post my findings on the blog when I have some info.

Keep in touch!

Maya said...

Hi Ek,
Happy new year to you too!
Funnily enough, I hadn't even thought of my option of lucky escape! But as it failed me this time, I guess I should find other possible venues... Spoilt bratism perhaps, but it is one of the perks of having a very large family all over Greater Accra. ;)


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