Saturday, 3 January 2009

We have a winner!

Never say die, they say. Atta Mills has proven it's true. After contending the presidency over and over again, against all odds, with rumours of near-death illness, he is now Ghana's president elect and will be sworn in on Wednesday, 7th January. I look forward to seeing a smooth handing over from Kuffour's government to Atta Mills. Let us hope we can continue to proudly hold our heads high as Ghanaians, as leading the way for political peace in Africa.

Meanwhile, here in Labone, the roar of joy as the Electoral Commission announced Atta Mills the president elect, was so loud that even those of us who were nowhere near a phone, radio or TV (I was in the kitchen washing dishes) knew the exact moment this ocurred. I hear NDC supporters have taken to the streets all over the country, rejoicing their victory. For now it has been reported as peaceful celebrations throughout. Sources tell me that in the Central Region, NDC supporters have dressed up in NPP's colours (red, white and blue) and are marching throught the streets weeping, some holding coffins draped in NPP colours with Akufo-Addo written on them. I had to laugh at this fantastically theatrical manner in which they are celebrating (although the coffins are a bit creepy)!

Well, for me the best way to admit defeat is to celebrate in denial. Still recovering from sleep deprivation after a party at Headlines yesterday, I'm about to head out of Accra for my first 2009 barbecue, before heading to an all weekend birthday party in Roman Ridge this evening.

Enjoy your Saturday, after all, it marks the official end to the ridiculously long 2008/2009 elections!


novisi said...

Yes Maya, we have!
but i refuse to see him as a winner! ....not yet!!!

i only see him as an employee of mine who must come and work for me and prove himself to earn my respect! 4yrs!

I'm in Dansoman now and at a spot nearby is blaring at full blast the Daddy Lumba's very beautiful rendition of the Nana's song to which all folks are dancing...tells me Ghanaians above all else love fun...thank God no evil spoiled the party loving!

still praying for peace!

but most importantly for one like me who is SOOOOOOO critical of leadership...i'm watching with wide eyes, sniffing (not Kufuor's kind, HAHAHA!) with a sharp nose, tasting with a sensitive tongue, listening with OBAMA-ears and feeling with a touchy skin!!!

enjoy all the parties!!!

posekyere said...

Hi Maya,
Welcome to a new year under a new government in a new(?) Ghana.
Let us pray and hope that the team of Atta-Mills will do what is best for mother Ghana.
Whilst I really want to believe that Atta-Mills will excel, my level of confidence in him and the NDC as a whole is rather low.
May they prove me wrong!

Maya said...

Good point Novisi, he is here to work for us, let's see what he can accomplish.

Maya said...

I think we have the same stand point, Posekyere: I find it hard o understand how Ghana can benefit from NDC rule, but the optimist in me says: if we don't benefit it means an easier changeover of government in 2012, and if we do - against all odds benefit - well, all the better for mother Ghana! Kind of a win/win situation!


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