Wednesday, 7 January 2009

You are the weakest link. Goodbye!

Mae West once said: Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. This is a quote I have often lived by, but today I've seen the bad side of it. After scoffing my face with sweets that my dear fellow Ghana Swede brought me from the cold land up north, I now feel quite nauseous and at the same time astonished that as human beings we never learn. How could I not realise after the third handful that I ought to stop? So now, before I head to Monsoon for Sushi, I'll have to jump about a bit to digest the gelatin, colourings and other additives that are rolling around in my tummy.

In the mean time I'll leave you with some of the wickedness Ann Robinson spouts out on the Weakest Link, which has become a favourite of mine when I manage to watch. Apart from reminding me of my London days and keeping me up to date on my general knowledge it provides me with laugh-out-loud moments, as I squeal (and sometimes bury my head in shame) over Ann Robinson's remarks. Here's two examples:

-So you're a housewife? Too lazy to get a job?

- Paul, what do you do?
- I'm a charity fundraiser.
- Oh, a professional beggar!

(Of course it soooo much funnier when you see it in the moment!)

I can only wonder how Ann and the show would manage in Ghana. I can imagine the response many times being: "Kweh, what do you mean by that?! As for you you are too known!"


novisi said...

hahahahahaa... i guess now the quote can be edited to: "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful AND awful"...

but us see, sometimes the lesson doesn't come even after the 100th try so just don't be too hard on yourself...

the Weakest Link sounds interesting...i don't know if that get me watching something of the sort...but definitely..."Kweh, you sure mean something by that!"


TheCois® said...

I think the response from show participants in Ghana will be a little more colourful than 'too known'.

Maya said...

Yes, Novisi, the stomach ache that followed was definitely awful!
I've always wondered how an insulting show like that would make it in Ghana (or even better, Nigeria!) let's hope someone tries launching it here too!

Maya said...

Ha ha ha, Cois, I'm sure you are right, actually I know you are right! I guess I was trying not to expose the cantankerous nature of Ghanaians to my non-Ghanaian readers.

My bad!

patrick said...

@Maya,woow never knew there was a sushi spot in accra now..please tell, it is good or just ok..Planin a trip home soon will check it out.location please .thx..

Esi W. Cleland said...

@Patrick, can't comment on the quality of the sushi but Monsoon is on the top floor of osu food court, used to be (still may be) known as Nandos.

Maya said...

Hi Patrick,

I want to say it is good, but after three years in Ghana it's hard to remember what is good and what is bad sushi. We beggars can't be choosers! No, seriously, I always walk away satisfied after having sushi at Monsoon. I'm never as satisfied with anything from the teppanyaki menu though so now I steer clear of it.

As Esi mentioned, Monsoon is above the food court on Oxford Street. You can also get sushi at Noble House (on the back roads of Osu) but I didn't enjoy the sushi or the ambience there as much.

Good luck!

Maya said...

Thanks Esi!

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Sorry about the candy, but I did warn you my hungry friend! Loved the attempt to translate the weakest link-lingo into the Ghanaian context. More posts like these.

I also like the sushi at Monsoon, especially the spicy California rolls.

Maya said...

I know Kajsa, I should have taken it easy, but it was just too tempting...

No more candy for a while now though, I think I've had enough!


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