Thursday, 22 January 2009

This time...

Ages ago I planned to chronicle the year that just passed but never got the chance to do it. Besides, if I did, it would probably end up being a ten page account as so many things happened in 2008. However, I feel something must be documented in cyberform after Virgo reminded me two days ago that the African Cup of Nations had started exactly a year earlier. I was immediately struck by the conflicting thoughts of "how can it already be a year?" and "but it seems soooo long ago!".

This time last year, between drafting agreements and other stuff at the lawfirm, my fellow colleagues and I (including a certain Poet) would be texting any possible contacts for tickets to the next game, rushing to finish up work by 2.30 to be able to start walking to the Ohene Djan Stadium along with a whole load of other people in our business district.

This time last year, I had one niece who had just turned four years old. My now five year and one day old niece now has a little brother and a little cousin, with another cousin joining them in a few months time.

This time last year, I was, as mentioned, working for the law firm, still doing my pupillage. Now, I work for what will hopefully one day be a major corporation, managing and structuring the business, often working from home in my own time and finding time to do independent legal work on the side.

This time last year, there was hardly any political buzz in Ghana, and yet now we have a new president and a new party in power. Rather, at the law firm, we'd frequently discuss how the hotshot Obama was actually faring quite well against Hillary and may give her serious competition. Could any of us have imagined that a year later we'd be witnessing the inauguration of President Barack Obama?

This time last year I was in a relationship but living with my lovely mother at the centre of the world (that's Tema of course!). Now I am a "newly" married woman living in the heart of Accra, somewhat missing the fresh breeze and cooler air of Tema, but definitely not the commute!

Friends' babies have been born, beautiful, important people have passed, there have been marriages and career changes all around me. What a year it's been!

And you know what? It seems life will only get better in 2009!


Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Thanks for the recap of the eventful 2008. CAN does seem like a long time ago, but I do remember the ticket races...It was a big year, but 2009 with Obama, new families and all will hopefully be better as you write!

Maya said...

Yes Kajsa, hopefully only better times ahead!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Sweet summary. I remember reading all your diary posts with awe and a healthy dose of envy. Even I can see that 08 was great for you. Here's to a better 09.

posekyere said...

A very fine and masterly account of an evenful year.
In many ways 2008 was good for Ghana!
Let us pray and hope that we will be witnesses to great moments and events in 2009.
There appears to be a shift in the way peoples and nations are relating to each other.
And that is symbolic of the good times that await us beyond the present uncertainties.
Cheers to you, Maya.

Maya said...

How was it for you, Nana Yaw? Would love to hear. Either way I hope we both reach new heights in 2009.

Maya said...

Thank you Posekyere. And I think you're right, there is a change in how we interact as people and nations. It will be interesting to see where this year takes us...


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