Saturday, 9 August 2008

Change of a dress

Another event packed weekend, for better or for worse. Last night, dinner at Virgo's (prepared by me) for Virgo, myself and SQB. Today, touring Makola looking for materials for events yet to come. Then, plans to get ready for the Hostess' engagement which takes place today. I thought it was at 1p.m., really it was at 4p.m., which is lucky because at 2.30 today I was told the dress-code was white only, meaning I couldn't wear my beautiful strapless top and skirt I had soon 'express' yesterday.

(picture really doesn't do it justice, may have someone take a picture of me in it later to show what it actually looks like)
After this news from Akinyi I had to make a quick dash to MKOGH to pick out a lovely white dress, which according to the sales girl was so beautiful on me there were no words to describe it! Well, at least she worked had for her commission!

Got home and realised the dress is actually see-through. Hm, would usually care and try to find something to line it with, but since I'm already committing the all-time faux pas of not wearing earrings (they're all gone!), I might as well go all out and shock them. And La Baselette has promised disgraceful cleavage, so together we can be the tarty Europeans at the engagement!

From there, there's a 40th birthday party somewhere in Platinum Gate (Regimanuel)this evening, then tomorrow a tour of the uncle and aunties in Tema and Lashibi, before heading to M2B so I see her before the baby comes, and get another chance to beat her at Scattegories.

Have a great weekend!

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