Saturday, 9 August 2008

Early bird

It always happens. The irony annoys me each Saturday. During the week, I struggle each morning to get up. I, once known as an early bird, who used to be the human wake up alarm at sleep overs during L.M. Engströms days, now hate every early morning. I frown and squint, whilst taking as much time as possible to roll, literally roll out of bed. Using my hands, I lead myself through darkness to the bathroom to get ready. Only once I've had my shower, I open my eyes and face the bright daylight. The only thing that really pushes me out of bed each morning is knowing that if I don't get up in time, I will face the over all most annoying factor about living in Ghana: traffic!

However, on weekends, the story is very different. At 5.40 my eyes open wide and no matter what I do, I can't go back to sleep. This happens whether I've gone to bed at 21:00 or 2:00. The chance of resting, enjoying a sleep-in that I have longed for all week is gone, snatched away by myself. The weekend is spent working, socialising or just lounging around with friends, but sleeping? No.

And I usually manage to get through it feeling relatively energised, only feeling the weariness, tiredness, sometimes complete exhaustion, when? Monday morning, of course!

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