Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Today I witnessed an accident. As I was driving to a designer in Tesano, a car hit a motorbike. What shocked all of us who were driving behind the accident, was the heart-wrenching scream from the motorbike rider. We could all feel the fear of losing life in his voice. It affected us all, so that everybody stopped, as if we were all scared that we had almost died. Annoyingly, the only one not to stop was the person driving the car that hit him, instead he quickly sped off into the distance.

Luckily the motorbike rider had been smart enough to let go of the bike and quickly gained balance onto his feet, so as to avoid being ripped and torn apart with his bike. We all watched in shock as the bike skidded and turned over, travelling about fifty meters before finally hitting a traffic light.

What a reminder of how quickly life can be taken away. And for me, the rest of the day has been spent thinking of my uncle whom I never met, since he was hit by a bus while on his bike, having his life instantly terminated at the tender age of 25.


Jorge said...

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posekyere said...

I have personally been involved in an accident and I really know the panic and the utter lack of control of events seconds before that critical moment. It is like a very slow 3D movie in front of you and then bannnnnnnnnnnnnnng.
Oh my, the cascading sounds, the 'noises' and the eerie silence after the collision are in themselves as soul-wrenching as the physical impact.
It is truly terrifying.
In my specific case all I could think of was: "oh, so this is how it all ends. Not even goodbyes to my loved ones".
Gee whiz! It certainly precipitated a move to appreciate those around me more and also to be extra careful and prayerful whenever I am behind the wheels.
I am really grateful to God that I escaped without a scratch that fateful day.
It makes you wonder how we take life for granted most of the time.

Guys, take care of your-precious-selves.

Maya said...

Wow, Posekyere, what an experience. So many time we forget how fragile life is, how easily it can be snatched away. And isn't it funny that it's first when something terrible happens that we are reminded to appreciate the people around us and our lives.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Maya said...

Hi Jorge,

Have had a quick peek at your blog and will definitely find time to look through it further. Good luck with it!


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