Wednesday, 13 August 2008

How do I get out?

So, I am still here illegally. I've taken it in my stride, handed in all relevant documents a few weeks ago, but it seems unless you really call in your contacts nothing happens. Wasn't really concerned until I realised it may affect a planned trip off the continent. So a few days ago, I changed strategy and applied for a re-entry visa.

Today, as I was called in to sign a document, I happened to mention that one of the big shots at Immigration was my classmate at Law School. 'Oh, madam, but then call her!' the immigration officer burst out, 'that will solve all your problems, your visa will be ready tomorrow morning'. So I was forced to try her number. This is what I had dreaded. How can I only pick up my phone and call this person whenever I need something, especially when I never spoke to her in school, except to say good morning? In my world it seems rude, greedy somehow, or åpen as we'd say in Swedish to just take from one person, and never give back. After she sorted out my residence permit last year and helped me with some work issues, I promised myself I'd at least call or text at Christmas to show kindness without favour, but of course I forgot.

Anyway, now that I finally called her, her phone is off and the status of my application unknown as the date of departure grows scarily close. But really, what's the worst that could happen? Can't I just leave the country and pay for visa on arrival on my way back in?

I'll keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

don't be bashful, Maya, network.....perhaps there are friends/acquintances who have her direct contacts? It is not as if you are asking for a bribe or engaged in impropriety. You're trying to do the right thing, you've encountered bottlenecks in the process and you'd appreciate her advise because she works inside the system. I would use that tact and be friendly, respectful but forthright.

BTW, the political junkie that I am has the knickers in the twist over the possible VP announcement. I hope to God Bawumia is the nomiee :) Note to self, send Nana $50 if he is, and possibly contribute $25 to Obama for good measure :)

Maya Mame said...

Just today I heard someone else say Bawumia ought to get it. Must admit I don't know much about him. Although a feminist, I am glad it doesn't seem to be Alima Mahama, as it felt she was only chosen for being a woman, not the best candidate for potentially running the country if something were to happen.

Lucky me will experience the 'unveiling' of the vice first hand as I'll be travelling to Takoradi as a political tourist this weekend ;)

I see your point about the immigration lady as well. Will try calling again tomorrow.

Thanks Sijui!

Anonymous said...

Maya you should live blog!!! Anyway some pictures and commentary/analysis of what happened will do :)

Safe trip!

Maya Mame said...

My thoughts exactly, pictures coming up now!


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