Sunday, 3 August 2008

Socialite Extraordinaire

After working so much last weekend, the plan was for this weekend to include lots of rest. All I had planned was a certain funeral I'd have to attend out of duty. However, as usual things don't turn out as planned. I thought it would be nice to catch up with K over a drink. And since I hadn't met AGH and June in a while either, I invited them too. Then of course, there was my new Zambian friend whom I met after we had been shuffled from branch to branch by Ecobank. And of course Virgo and SQB.

Naturally, being Ghana, most of these people came with additional friends, Snoop and the Poetress also joined and instead of a quiet catch-up between four friends, we had lively discussions over seafood platters in a group of people from 9 different countries!

The venue? Chester's Place in Osu. I chose it as I was tired of the regular hangouts, Monsoon and Rhapsody's and Honeysuckle has become too smoky for me. It was nice to be back at Chester's after not having been there for two years. Accra is all about finding your own 'spots', I think I'll make Chester's Place and Old Bob's Place my regular joints from now on.

Chester, the owner, a self-proclaimed socialite extraordinaire was unfortunately not in his best mood. I wish he had been so that my friends could have caught a glimpse of his larger than life personality which he exhibits as MC for charitable functions and in his hilariously over the top radio ad for Chester's Place. (which I promise to upload if I can get hold of the recording).

From Chester's we, predictably, moved on to Rhapsody's which was packed, full of all types of people and blasting good music. The strangest thing is how dressed up people were. It's a restaurant, a bar!!! What's with the sparkling halterneck tops and stilettos?

The story of the rest of the weekend will be told shortly...


The Author said...

Knowing and reading you, I'd say you were the real socialite extraordinaire! About Chester, you know he even has the phrase on his call card?1#*%^? Lol.

Maya Mame said...

I know, that's where I took it from! I guess you and I are part of the chosen, select few, because apparently he has another card he gives to people he finds less interesting!

Anonymous said...

Maya, quick favor to ask! I have a few colleagues from work who will be in Accra in the next couple of weeks. I need suggestions for good dining options in Airport Residential Area.......I don't want them to be cloistered and only go to the diplomatic hang outs so would appreciate any advice you could give on cool places to dine where the food is great or good, and has a great Accra vibe and ambiance i.e. not too stuffy.

Thanks a ton!!!

Maya Mame said...

Ok Sijui,
Give me a day or two and I hope to get back to you with a good airport res eating guide.



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