Monday, 11 August 2008

Engagement, parties...and of course, death.

The weekend was as fun as planned. The engagement was wonderful. For the first time ever there were more 'young people', more friends than aunties and uncles. And although a high society affair, it still felt relaxed, intimate and plain haooy. The best thing about it was seeing how genuinely happy the bride and groom were.

(As you can see, the dress code was white, the normal colour for any joyous occasion in Ghana)
From there we carried on to a party at Platinum Gate, Regimanuel, then another one at Airport Hills in a beautiful house with an amazing garden. Unfortunately I left my camera in SQB's car so I have no evidence of the beauty. For the first time in Ghana I saw the lovely Voss water bottles, wonder if they are for sale here, or if they guy extravagantly imported his own?

Sunday afternoon, and how better to spend it than with groundnut/palmnut soup and omotuo at Agbamami in Community 2 (Tema), followed by a visit to M2B, who is by the looks of it, ready to pop now!

As promised/threatened, I beat all the lovely ladies at our game of Scattegories.

And yet, of course the was a slight shadow over the whole weekend of fun after finding out that first Bernie Mac and later Isaac Hayes, had passed away. What a shame to lose two extremely successful black entertainers before their time. Two people who often put a smile on my face or made me laugh. Bernie Mac with his jokes and eyes-popping-out look and Isaac Hayes, every time I remember his, well, Chef's song Chocolate Salty Balls on South Park. Who else could have pulled off a line like "Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em"!

Guys, you'll be sorely missed.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Been so busy, I almost forgot how refreshing your writing was. Glad to be back, and this post was a great read. I had a mental smile throughout the reading.

Maya said...

Thank you Nana Yaw,
It seems all the bloggers are busy right now, posting and commenting have reduced, no?


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