Sunday, 17 August 2008

Out of the country.

On English soil for the first time this year. So far it feels good. It was a wise choice, arriving on a Sunday, so that my relaxed Ghanaian nature isn't shocked by the stress of central London.

After a nap at my dad's place, I am ready for a little tour of the shops for clothes, magazines and browsing the food shelves.

I felt the most interesting thing when we left Ghana. A feeling of something different, without really knowing what. Then I remembered what it was. Before, years ago when I'd come on holiday, departing from Ghana was always associated with sad, negative feelings. Leaving Ghana and not knowing when I'd be back. Would it be in one, three or seven years time? Waving goodbye to uncles and aunties who'd see us of at the airport and feeling that sting of jealousy over all those people who have their relatives in the same country or city. Then, as the plane would lift, tears would well up as I'd say a silent goodbye to my country, my homeland, that I still never really got to know properly.

Last night, as I looked out over the beauty of Accra at night, the feeling was very different. With a smile on my face I mentally said 'See ya. I'll be back before you know it'.

And as happens so often, once again I was reminded that moving to Ghana was the right choice for me.

I love you, Ghana! Me ba sesya wae.


Tigger said...

alltid lika härligt att läsa din blogg och livet i Ghana. får snart åka dit igen tror jag :) vi ses snart. ska bli sssåååå kul. verkar som Matilda o anna också kan på torsdag, så vi ses alla tillsammans.

Yngvild said...

that was beautiful :)

Sijui said...

Thanks Maya for the pix!!! And hope you're having a wonderful vacation.....BTW don't forget to blog on the happenings at Sekondi this past weekend......

sorry for being such a pest!!!

Maya said...

Thank you Yngvild.

Maya said...

Hi Sijui,
Unfortunately I missed the best part as I had to leave early Saturday afternoon. But I'll give a description of my experience when I get a bit more time.

Maya said...

Hej Tigger!

Vi ses snaaaart!

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

I know! We'll be back before we know it. Fint skrivet om vårt hemland från flygplansfönstret!

Maya said...

Tack! Ska bli kul att ses igen snart!!


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