Friday, 8 August 2008

Where to eat in Airport Residential Area

Ok, so on request by Sijui, I am to list places to eat in Airport Residential Area that are not too "ex-pat heavy" (my words, not hers). I was going to mention Goka, the Nigerian restaurant, but apparently it's shut down. Unfortunately the rest of the places are probably ex-pat hangouts, but almost everywhere is these days.

Well, Neighbourhood, shouldn't be. Found on the road leading up to Fiesta Royale junction (orange house on the right side of the road) it's a pool-table hangout for younger guys, but the rooftop is breezy and the burgers were good (at least when I was there), it's quite a nice place for an after work drink.

Round the corner, the next left turn when heading towards Fiesta Royale, on the right side of the road you'll find Choco Pain, a little café with some pastries and from what I hear, nice baguettes too.

From Neighbourhood, heading towards the other and, the t-junction into the residential area, on the right side of the road before you hit the t-junction, there's a Lebanese restaurant, that used to serve delicious sharwarmas, unfortunately last time I was there, it wasn't that good. However, they also have an ice-cream bar and a play area for children.

On the Nyaho Road Clinic Road, heading towards where you cross the railway, there's Poke House, a place renowned in Accra (and to which I still haven't been!). Here, you can get traditional Ghanaian food and snacks like kebabs or fried yam and pepper.

There's also Cuppa Cappuccino on 3rd Close for a breakfast coffee and opposite it, the place formerly known as Jazz Tone. For a nice evening meal, the Italian restaurant, Michelangelo's is recommended (directions please!)

Unfortunately Airport isn't my area of expertise, but I hope the guide helps. For other good places, visit Old Bob's Place in Osu (Papaye down and left, it's on the left side of the road as the road bends right), either for drinks with the loyal regulars or for a scrumptious dinner, have banku and tilapia at Blue Gate (Papaye down on the left side of the road), have drinks, fried rice and chicken at Celsbridge in Labone around 7p.m. on a weekday and enjoy a cozy but relatively cheap dinner at Le Must. And of course, a smoothie from Smoothy's is a must, I recommend Boneshaker (best suitable for anyone, who like me, does not like banana in drinks).

Does anyone have more tips for Sijui?


Sijui said...

Medase!! This is great! I'm cutting and pasting and including in an email :)

Maya said...

Glad I could help. I hope they enjoy their stay!

Toks said...


Well if Sijui needs anymore tips there are tons here:

click on the link that says fab places to check out and you won't be disappointed I PROMISE.

Maya said...

Thanks, Toks, I'll remind Sijui to check the link.


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