Thursday, 24 July 2008

A baby!

Too much excitement in the last 36 hours. Since yesterday midday, I've been following the pre-labour pains, labour and birth of Mr. T's baby via telephone. Finally, today around 12 I got the news, a baby boy has been born! Unfortunately that means that my baby name is gone, as Mr. T already informed me he was stealing it, but hey, who cares? Can't wait to see the little one, now I just feel a bit sad that I'm not there to celebrate and share this moment with the rest of the family.

It's so amazing to imagine that Mr. T, the baby of the family is now a father himself! And from what my mum tells me, the little boy is the cutest thing, with long fingers and toes, just like Mr. T (whose toes are as long as my fingers!).

Now, I think it's time for another update on my new nephew's first moments in life.


Pernilla said...

Hej. Vet inte riktigt hur jag hamnade har pa din blogg, men har last igenom alla din inlagg :) Jag heter Pernilla, svensk som du forstar, bor i London, bott i Ghana, och vill tillbaka till Ghana. Skulle va sa kul att prata mer med dig. Hor garna av dig pa:

Sijui said...

congratulations!!!! pictures please :)

Maya said...


I promise, you'll get to see pictures as soon as I do. Have already warned my brother that his baby will be all over the blog!

Maya said...

Hej Pernilla,

Skulle verkligen vara kul att få höra mer från dig. meilar dig snart!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Vicarious congratulations, Maya. I see that Mr. T is quite welcome to pilfer your intellectual property, but Angelina Jolie must burn at the stakes if she does the same.


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