Friday, 18 July 2008

T G I F!

I am about to leave the office, but will (unfortunately) continue working for a bit. So glad it's the end of the week! Later on I should be meeting Ruby at Twist, but who knows, any time we actually plan to meet up, something always gets in the way...

This weekend I am really looking forward to lots of sleep. For the past week there's been some clouding and twitching over my right eye. I hope it's caused by lack of sleep, don't want to lose my perfect vision! Remember having something similar to this last year during exam times.

Apart from that, there's M2B's baby-shower to look forward to, if all goes well...Seems factors are working against Dee, the Poetress and moi, but hopefully, somehow, we'll make it happen. And maybe tomorrow I'll try and sneak in a trip to Tema Fishing Harbour to get some more prawns. Got two kilos last week for GHc18, but will try to haggle a bit more this time. After the peel came off and they were boiled, there was not much left of the those kilos! Will try to get hold of some butterfish as well. The Poetress and I devoured Line Fish sushi on Wednesday at Monsoon and I am in shock that I haven't discovered this fish yet. Could it be my Ghana substitute for salmon?

Have a good weekend!

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