Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Go nuts!

If you've ever bought Kofi Brokeman (roasted plantain with groundnuts) and asked for peeled nuts, you'll have noticed that the woman selling it will quickly put the nuts in a piece of paper, twist it round a bit, then swish, swish, then hand you perfectly peeled nuts.

Well today for some reason, I craved groundnuts. This is strange as I usually hate peanuts and groundnuts, guess I need the nutrients in them. I bought 10 pesewas worth ($0.10 or 0.65 SEK) and took it to the house. In the kitchen I tried peeling them by swishing them round in my hand, from one hand to another to sieve the peel off and then finally into a bowl. I felt like a pro until I stopped and looked. When I looked down, I had a bowl full of a mix of groundnuts and groundnut peel and a kitchen worktop covered in groundnut peel, with the occassional nut found here and there.

As I cleaned the countertop and reminisced of the seller peeling, I had to ask myself, how the hell does she do it???


anita said...

Must ask the same question.
How the hell do they do it?
sometyms you just realize things are not as easy as they seem.
they are just toooooo difficult when you try it!

Maya said...

I know! Now, how do we reveal the mystery behind perfect groundnut peeling...?

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

We spend a reality afternoon as the Roast Seller's apprentice, No?

Maya said...

Good thinking, Nana Yaw!

Aku said...

Something else to wonder about -- the orange seller's skillful knife work. Speed, consistently pretty designs, and no nicks or cuts. How do they do that?

Maya said...

It's true, you've mentioned another often unappreciated talent.

Is there any way, these talents can be highlighted? in Sweden and England I know there are Barista competitions to see who makes the best cappuccino. Surely what we have here requires more skill, speed and accuracy?


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