Monday, 14 July 2008

Brangelina = thieves

So, it seems Brad and Angelina finally had their fifth and sixth babies. I would have been happy for them, had they not stolen one of my own baby names (yes, I know I'm crazy, but I have certain names picked out for the day I have children). It's bad enough that Mr. T has informed me he'll use that name depending on the sex of the baby (which is due any day now!), but now that one of the world's most famous couples has gone and used it, it will become as common as John, Eric/Erik, Anna and Maria are around the world, or in Ghana: Joyce, Mercy, Gladys, Richard or...Wisdom.

I can't help but resent them a little bit. I would say it's my own fault for waiting so(?) long to have children for my names not to be considered copies of others, but would it have been better to pull a Juno or Jaime Lynn? Think not. I guess if I want to stay unique, I'll have to close my eyes, pick up a few Scrabble letters, shake them around, throw them on the floor and see if they make a word. Then again, giving a child such a unique name could surely amount to child abuse.

As you can see I am rambling. From bitterness over the name-stealing, hunger and tiredness. I think it's time to leave work, slightly early but it must be done. Last night, I hardly slept and had the craziest dreams, which I'll let Posekyere analyse superbly another time, for now, I'll just inform you that it involved me and a talking dog/baby.

Have a good evening!


posekyere said...

Maya think of it like this.

If all of the billions of chinese on planet earth have names, you will definately be able to scramble together the perfect set of names for your children when the time comes.
As always loving your blog.

Maya said...

Thanks Posekyere, that's true!
Love your comments, they always give me a laugh. Where and when can we find your blog...? You're too interesting not to have one.

TheCois® said...

I don't know whether to feel sorry over the name issue; or envy you for leaving work "slightly early" when it's 16:48.
Especially if, by the look of things, your last moments at work were spent blogging.

Maya said...

Of course you are meant to feel sorry for me. After all, I usually spend such long hours at work that I deserve sympathy even if, oh half of that time is spent blogging!

(Don't worry, there's no way my boss will find the comments section of this blog)


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