Thursday, 31 July 2008

Touring Radovan

Most of the Swedish bloggers have for weeks left their readers behind, going on holiday, enjoying fun in the sun without their laptops. It would be easy to think I was doing the same, as I seem to be blogging less frequently. No such luck for me, unfortunately. Just the same old work, work, work. The most frustrating thing is I have so much to write about and never the time. For now I just have to share this story.

A Serbian tour company is offering a tour of Radovan Karadzic's regular joints and hang-outs. The tour is deliciously named 'Pop Art Radovan'!

To me it just seems so American to make money out of anything, commercialise every event. There's Sex & the City tours in New York, remember the 'I shot J.R.' t-shirts during Dallas' hey day and of course the Gorbachev masks that were sold all over the place.

And how exquisite that a country of the former Eastern Block has adopted this far Western sense of capitalism.

I think we can safely say the Iron Curtain has definitely come down.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Seen from a different point of view, it confirms that many people knew where Karadzic was all the time. Painful for me that he is a poet. But poets are not above fault, so...

I have never waited so long for a man to be captured. Now to get Mladic and burp in the face of impunity.

Maya said...

So true, but I'm not surprised at all. Even with masses of people looking for a brutal murdering human being, you'll still find a large number helping him hide away. Helping, even only by not letting the world know where he is.


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