Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Life and Death

Peter Ala Adjetey is dead. Don't worry, those of you who don't know, this is not another young friend, he was 76, but it is still sad. Apart from being someone to look up to in law, I have never heard anyone say a bad word about him, which is quite unusual for a person who's been in the public eye for decades.

On a personal note, he was a very strong figure in Virgo's life, somewhat of a father/uncle figure so Virgo is distraught. For me it is slightly unsettling. I know, as the saying goes, we get 70 years (three scores and ten) and anything after that is a bonus, but when you have uncles and aunties who are above that age, it is scary to know that at anytime they could pass away, naturally. Then again, I think we've been spoilt in my family. The average age of death lies around 86 and we'd all be shocked if my great-aunt passed away, despite the fact that she is 93 years old. Actually, I ought to make time to visit her, all the way in South Odorkor, before it's too late and I regret never making time.

Life and death is and will always be such a beautiful, scary mystery.

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