Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Facebook lives up to the task.

And so a friend/acquaintance dies at the age of 34. Once again we are reminded of how quickly new beings come into the world and how quickly and unexpectedly life is taken away. The friend, known and loved by many in Ghana had been living in Kenya and died there.

What is amazing is the role that modern technology and networks play in such situations. Most of us found out about his death after his sister posted a message to us all on his facebook wall, informing us of the terrible news. Never has facebook seemed to serve such a useful purpose. I can’t help but feel gratitude and admiration towards his sister who in the midst of grief and shock remembered his many friends around the world who would otherwise continue to send him messages or wall-posts, wondering why he wasn’t replying. Now, we all found out (most of us on the same day the message was posted) and we were all most likely sitting down as we received the news. It can also be positive for the family as they will avoid receiving many calls (so disturbing in times of grief) or having to repeatedly tell people of his death.

I know E G-A detested answering the phone after her father passed away and the months that followed of phone calls, phone calls, phone calls. Similarly I was with the Buffoon several times when he’d have to inform people over the phone of his father’s passing. Upon receiving the news, the caller most often screamed or broke down crying before hanging up without another word, and alas, the day was ruined.

Our friend’s facebook wall has also become an outlet for friends wanting to send a final message to G, simply speak of how they knew G or leave a little tribute to him.

I’ll use my blog to say: it was lovely knowing you for the short time that I did. What a warm, interesting, funny person you were. Rest in peace, dear G.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Touching, the tribute to your dear friend. Anything further would ruin this, so I will post it separately. May he rest in peace.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

About facebook, what you described here sounds so efficient, modern and alluring, but I still feel no inclination to sign up. I fear it will take over my life.

Maya said...

I was about to prompt you to join, but on second thought, I think you should wait til you're on holiday. The first few weeks of facebook are always a bit obsessive, after that you kind of settle in and after a while it gets boring. Sign up during the judicial holiday.


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