Thursday, 15 May 2008

Morning has broken

Today I had a really shitty morning. Sorry but there's no better way of describing it.

As I got to the gym I realised I had left my patient card for the dental clinic. Thinking ahead, I called the dental hygienist I know to inform her and she said it was fine. After delaying at the gym I rushed to change and head of to the clinic. (bear in mind all this was done with a severe head/toothache).

As I reached Ridge Circle around 8.30 (which was when I was meant to be at the clinic in Korle Bu), I realised I didn't have any money on me. Rushed to HFC by Heritage Tower and to save time I wanted to use the ATM parking but it was full so I parked opposite it in the parking docket/trotro stop. Got to the ATM, naturally it was out of order. Went inside and they told me I'd have to bring my cheque book if I didn't have any I.D. They also said i should check the ATM again just in case it had started working.

Ran to the car to get my cheque book and ran to the other side to check the ATM before coming back. As I was about to run into the bank I saw a van and something yellowish on the ground. Yes, the A.M.A. (Accra Metropolitan Assembly) were clamping my car. I got there before they'd even started writing on their stupid note pad or clamping the tyre but they chose to ignore me and continue writing. What ensued is a mess of the usual busybodies trying to defend me but only making it worse, the idiot clampers exercising their power to its full extent and as always a crowd receiving their morning entertainment.

After several minutes I finally found out how much I had to pay, ran back into the bank to get the money only to be asked why I was weeping. I hadn't even noticed tears were rolling down my face, thought it was sweat (nice!) from standing in the heat for ten minutes. The manager, most likely out of pity, took me into his office after the news that I couldn't use my cheque book as it was in the old denomination led to more tears, and in the air conditioned office and thanks to his kindness and pleasant banter I calmed down and dried my face. I even managed to remember to text the dental hygienist to let them know I'd be late.

I was able to pay the clamper who stayed behind to wait for me and was not surprised when the A.M.A. rider who came to unlock the clamp told me that these guys work on commission that's why they can be a bit unkind. The rider was actually shocked when I explained I had been gone less than a minute before they clamped the car.

Anyway, I am so grateful to the bank manager for getting me into a good mood, so good that until I parked at the dental clinic I had forgotten what I was meant to dread all morning. At least they were ready for me, there was hardly any waiting before I was called in and the first stages of a root canal were performed on me. As I could feel some pain I was given a second bout of anaestetics, so at the moment I am spending my first day of my new job with a slightly lopsided face and a swollen mouth. But as the Hearts of Oaks (Accra football club) says: Never say die!

Dirty cheered me up by saying that if two bad things have already happened this morning then two good things will have to happen later on, and already I have come to the office to see a picture of E G-A's beautiful newborn baby girl Lola. Congratulations, E!!!


The Author said...

Beautiful post, shitty happenings regardless! You know, it is not so bad the shitty things that happen to us,when we come to think of them later. And here, you had fodder for a very interesting and lively post. Btw, I have met people you have commended ME on your writing :)). Ok, joke. They think you write well. I know you are the very best. Keep writing, my friend.

Maya Mame said...

I know, I thought of 3 or 4 possible posts just from writing this one. I'm glad people are enjoying the blog, maybe I'll give you a little credit, just for show ;)


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