Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lounging in Accra

Had a really relaxed weekend. On Saturday I went to a new spa in Tema Central Mall, 2nd Image with K, to have a manicure and pedicure done. After that we "fikade" (sat for a drink and a bite) at a cafe in the mall. It's nice to have a friend down the road and it makes it easy to socialise in Tema! We weren't too satisfied with the manicures and pedicures (the painting technique could do with some refining), but it's always exciting to find a new place.

In the evening I met Virgo and SQB at Melting Moments (in the corner between the Morning Star and TV3 roads) for a light evening meal. As always, it was disappointing to get a panini that wasn't made on panini bread and even more disappointing to hear that the smoothies were made with ice cream!!! Last time Dirty and I were there, no words could describe her disappointment at finding her "bagel" made from the ordinary butter bread (also used for "paninis") cut into the shape of a circle.

I did however enjoy the magazines that were very recent. As Virgo pointed out, despite SQB's and my complaining, we'll probably end up coming back here because of the lack of other hangouts.

Can't wait til the day I open my own place where everything will be in order and none of these common mistakes will occur.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I feel what you said about hang-outs. Because there are so few of them, we accept what we get in the ones we can go to.

Tigger said...

ooo ditt fik hade jag absout besökt :) när öppnar du? kram K

Maya said...

Nana Yaw, what can we do about it? It's so sad that we have to accept rubbish because of desperation. Let's get rich and start our own thing!

Maya said...

K, tyvarr sa ar det an sa lange bara ett dromkafe ;), men om det nagon gang blir nagot sager jag till pa direkten! Visst skulle det vara mysigt?



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