Thursday, 8 May 2008


The saying goes “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. Does that mean if I can’t stand the Ghana heat I should get out of the country?

It’s gotten to the point of being unbearable in the last few days. I can’t think of other things that are as frustrating as having a cold shower and at the same time feeling sweat begin to run down the face (happened this morning). As I got up to put my hair in a ponytail, sweat began to run down my elbows. Elbows! I didn’t know there were sweat-lymphs on the elbows until I came to live in Ghana.

As I drove from the gym at 08:00, I had to turn on the AC. Usually up until about 08:30 you can drive without the AC on as it’s around 28degrees. Today when I turned on the AC, out of curiosity I checked the temperature: 36 degrees!

I can only imagine what the temperature would have soared to now, as we are reaching the peak of sunlight when, thanks to our positioning on the Equator, the sun stands right above us (that’s right, no shade at any angle, only if you stand directly under a big tree).

How are we meant to be productive and keep our mental capacity up when we start our days in 36 degree heat???

Suddenly freezing at my desk, wrapped in a pashmina and socks at the over-AC:d Heritage Tower brings back fond memories...


The Author said...

Maya, now you're more in control of your time, won't a bout of swimming every day make you better able to take the heat?

Maya Mame said...

Yes, it would be nice to go for a swim in the evenings, good idea, willt try to do that a few times a week. The way it's been raining, soon I may just need to step outside for a quick swim!


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