Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Had to wait around a bit this morning for someone and as usual when I’m bored and without internet, I look around for something interesting to read on the laptop. This time I found emails I had sent to friends ranging from May 2005 til last December (when I use dial up, I usually draft the message, save it and send when I’m online, that’s why I have some emails stored on the harddrive).

The ones from May 2005 were so interesting. At that time, I had been in Ghana for about a week on holiday, not knowing that just a few months later I’d move down permanently. From my observations then, it’s quite funny how little has changed: I’m still scared of driving in Accra (only now I have to do it everyday, then I was just learning to drive), I’m still amused by men holding hands, rainy season is still as rainy, more rain than we ever see in Sweden, except during Storm Gudrun, and the frogs are STILL as loud as they ever were, causing sleepless nights for everyone (or maybe just me).

The last email was a response to E G-A after she told me she was pregnant At that time she didn’t know what she was expecting, and to think a few days ago the little one was born. Aw, the wonder that is life!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I bet you haven't seen the circle driving pattern, men holding hands near the fountain in the pouring rain, and the frogs in full orchestra. There's still so much to look forward to in Ghana, even if you have been here permanently for a while. Lol.

Maya said...

Circle driving pattern? Tell me more!

I agree, everyday brings a new experience, that's why you gotta love Ghana!


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